Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thankful for in 2012

So like many people I belong to Facebook and yes I even admit to stalking once in awhile LOL but if ya don't how do you find out the dirt LOL. Anyway, every November I see all my friends and family post what they are thankful for each day and usually I jump on the band wagon. However this year, I decided to boycott the activity...I know right you are shocked, but with every holiday I see my friends say, we should feel this way everyday. I have been in this club and decided that it made me a hypocrite if I didn't apply this to my life, so this year that's my first GOAL. Not resolution, because labeling it that means I will fail, its inevitable. Please feel free to list your stuff here too, if you want, I am happy to share.

Lets be thankful this year for what we have, not what we want or what we don't have. Life is too short, to NOT start LOVING our lives and appreciating the small things in them. I love my husband, kids, and family, but what I love more are the little things I overlook, or have become complacent about, so this year I am going to LOVE MY LIFE.

1. I am thankful for my husband calling me from work at midnight last night, so that we could ring in the New Year together. It's not something I expected, but so appreciated.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OMG super frustrated parent

So it’s been forever since I blogged or anything, and last week I decided that I was going to be positive and thankful when I did post….HOWEVER I have always stood by the belief that life isn’t fair, but overall “right is right and wrong is wrong” and that sometimes you have to voice your opinion. I try to NOT say anything about politics or personal beliefs of others because ultimately EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions….BUT today I read something that I am so darn angry about I am not even sure where to begin, or who I need to complain too…so I am posting this here for opinions.

Yesterday I received the little one’s fund raiser info home, and although its always excessively expensive I try to participate, and none of us have the money, but I can usually buy less of something to get buy. Anyway we get the CATALOG and all of us know that the stuff is always overpriced, but hey it’s a fundraiser, and with a kid in college I planned on just getting all the junk food and sending it in a care package to his suite. So grabbing a pen to make my list, I notice this little label that had been affixed to the front of the catalog that said
Now let me first say I so support this wellness program at the school, and we do try to eat better than crap at home, but are you kidding me who the heck does this.

· First off get a brochure that I am not restricted in,

· Second DO NOT try and enforce your policy AT school IN MY HOME.

Finally guess what gang, there are more fat people than skinny in today’s society, so just restricting chocolate and junk is not going to make us skinny. How about instead of telling the kids NO CHOCOLATE, how about we increase gym/PE time, and do constructive exercise programs within the education day. I can think that the perfect way for kids to learn to count would be jumping jacks. Ya know what ever happened to the Presidential Fitness Awards that those of us from my generation strived to get (only once for me….I kind of stunk at some of those exercises LOL) but still it was a big deal in our day with a certificate and a patch. Jump rope for your heart was required not optional….yes even for those of us who can’t jump rope LOL.

Anyway, I am truly not sure who I need to forward this too, I hate to raise a ruckus at the school, but come on really. Am I wrong?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letter to my Son on Senior night....

To my oldest son,
I can't imagine what my life would have been like without your beautiful face in it. Almost 18 years ago, I knew, deep down inside that you would be the light of my life. I would give up anything for you, and tomorrow night as your dad and I walk down to the field with you for Senior Night, know that no matter where you are, or what you do, that we are so proud of you, and we will always be here for you, even to do laundry and cook when you come back home (and we know I hate cooking LOL).
I have treasured the last 12 years of football, the injuries, the smelly cleats, the forgotten pads I had to run out to school, and your strength to just "keep going" even when I know you wanted to stop some nights. You may never walk onto another football field again, but know that you have made a difference in all our lives when we think of your heart. It is truly the heart of a warrior...well a Bulldog (even though you've been a Beaver, a Dolphin, a Cardinal and now a Bulldog).
I am going to try very hard to not embarrass you by having mascara running down my face tomorrow night, but notice I didn't promise LOL. You have made me so proud, and as hard as it will feel in my heart next week when the game clock goes to 0:00 for the last time, I will try very hard to look forward to the joys and adventures you are going to have, and hopefully still share us.

Enjoy this, and know (what you will need to remind me of next week) is that this is not the end, its truly just the beginning. I love you so much Osten, thank you for being you.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back in the game...

ya know sometimes the game of life "knocks you on your butt" and the older I get the harder it seems to get back up and back in the game. But yesterday was IT for me. I am not sure exactly what woke me up and made me REFOCUS, but thank God it happened. No I'm not doing everything the way I should be, or I did, and it'll take me awhile to FIND that schedule that I used to love so much....but I am on a mission to find ME.

I am going to find ME in the mess of bills, laundry, mundane duties, broken cars and dishwashers, and flash flood warnings. Yep somewhere in there is the person I believe I am. No, not the skinny one who I wished would just beat the hell out of the fat girl and be THIN again, but the one who enjoys life, and has a mission, and feels like herself....yeah that's the one I want.

So the downstairs is straightened up, the laundry is in, dishes are done, and meat is out thawing for dinner. I have had my coffee, and I am going to watch a movie, and work on my homework. Who truly knows how hard it is at 40 to go back to school and be a mom, and do our jobs (even if mine is paid in smiles and complaining kids LOL)?

Last night I came home and said I need a family meeting...said what I needed and then dismissed dawned on me at about midnight it wasn't a meeting so much as me having something to say, and I wanted them all in one place to say Thank you my kids and hubby for allowing me to get it out, and voice my issues, even if I did do it from my lecturing podium LOL. You are the most amazing people in the entire world and I am grateful for each of you every single day of my life.

Today I will accomplish something FOR ME, even if its a bubble bath to shave my will be in a clean tub (as soon as I get it cleaned LOL) with a new razor and the "gel" shaving cream....with a nice cup of coffee and a smelly candle....that should get me moving on that tub now LOL. What will you accomplish for YOU today?

Monday, September 27, 2010

When it rains.... pours. Is there some law that says when one thing (you can't afford to fix) breaks, so does everything else? I know, I know, Murphy's Law....but how about cutting some slack for a mom, in school on a budget that doesn't allow for any major issues LOL.

That being said, I need to:

  • fix the tire rim (yes still),
  • get two new tires (well used ones LOL they are cheaper),
  • call Frigidaire to fix the water pump on my diswasher,
  • finish fixing the darn toilet (yes still)
  • then paint my daughters room,
  • get her a new mattress,
  • fix the tiles in the boys room (thank you babies for having the ability to peel and break 6 stick down tiles LOL)
  • Figure out a way to pay the bills with the husband's paycheck (while I pray to hit the Lottery)
and this isn't even my daily list of stuff to do? Or all the MAJOR things that need done before the family comes to visit for son's graduation in June. Where oh where is my Fairy Godmother with her bank account, and her "you are skinny" wand? Well I would love someone to find her and send her here to my house SUPER FAST.
Off to finish picking up, lighting the wonderful carmel pecan candles, and then drink a great cup of coffee, and maybe it will all FEEL better...even if it isn't before the bus drops off my pride and joy(s) from school.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still amazes me....

....that there is actually a list of challenged/banned books in this country. Being back in school and finishing my English degree has me thinking about how many books there are out there to read, and how many books are no longer accessible to us, or our children. There are many books on this list, that I might have no interest in at all, but I don't believe they should be banned or off library shelves.

Did you realize in some places in the U.S. Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary has been pulled of shelves (10 books you might not expect to be banned)? Kind of sad to even think about now isn't it. Oh and it was pulled for the definition of "Oral Sex." I'm not sure that the definition is so much worse than what our kids can find on television. Anyway, I am including the link to the original article, and the link to the top 100 banned/challenged books.

Even if you don't have an opinion about this, its interesting to see what is on the list that you actually read throughout your life.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Being a mom....

....for my entire life all I ever truly wanted to be was a really good mom. Some days I actually "think" I am. But other days, phew I just stink. With the first two boys I was on them like white on rice, and now with the little ones, I some days feel I am so "busy" running with the older ones, that they get lost in the shuffle. I am exhausted every moment, and now I am trying to go to school and finish so I can get a flippen job...where I will mesh that in I don 't know, but I NEED too.

So today as I look around my house, I realize I have to start getting MORE done, I mean, and I have to do better. The question is, where do I find that "inner drive to do it?" Does anyone know if its on clearance somewhere? I mean take for example my weight, I so WANT to be skinnier, and I get on a roll and do well, then something happens (this time surgery) and I quit doing what I'm doing, and I am back to ground zero.

So today I am going to PRIORITIZE my life and get my butt in gear....

1. call DR tomorrow AM to set up appt to discuss "weighty" issue LOL

2. Get house cleaning schedule back in place (no avoiding it anymore)

3. Laundry caught up AND put away this time

4. Homework schedule for ALL of us ENFORCED

5. Remind my husband and kids how much I love them

If I can get these things in place life will allow me to breathe a bit more "I THINK." Any other ideas and encouragement is always welcome. Thanks for letting me vent my blogger friends.